Tatsuo Kitazawa

1. Overview

At the PSP Group we provide high-quality support services to help foreign entrepreneurs do business in Japan. As the number of foreign nationals doing business in Japan grows, we know it’s important to provide the help they need to smoothly do business in the country.

Foreign entrepreneurs often find themselves at a loss on where to begin when starting up a business in Japan.

The process for starting a business in Japan often seems complicated and requires consulting with multiple experts.

For example, a foreign entrepreneur typically will need to consult with:

  • Tax accountant (tax and accounting procedures) *Certified public accountant
  • Judiciary scrivener (creation of articles of incorporation, registration of establishment, etc.)
  • Administrative scrivener (preparation of articles of incorporation, etc.)
  • Social insurance labor consultant (labor and social insurance procedures)
  • Small and medium enterprise diagnostician (subsidies, financial support, etc.)
  • Others (banks, management consultants, etc.)

Some or all of these experts are involved in the process, and it’s hard to know which experts to talk to get the best advice.

Worse, many experts have limited English skills, making it harder to know who to go to for advice.

So who should a foreign entrepreneur consult with first?

At the PSP Group, we believe the first stop should be a tax accountant.
The tax accountant is heavily involved in the most important part of starting business: Money.

The PSP Group provides English language support through email for the following items:

  1. Serving as both the tax accountant and the Social Insurance labor consultant. This means we handle both the labor and insurance aspects of the business.
  2. Advising related to obtaining subsidies and financing to start the business based on proven experience.
  3. Serving as the single contact point to a network of legal experts to deal with the necessary legal filings.
  4. Serving as a single contact point to network with our wide network of contacts in various industries and facilitating consultations in a wide range of fields.

Our services are designed to allow foreign entrepreneurs with limited or no Japanese language skills to break into the Japanese market.

2. Our Fees:

We provide the initial consultation free of charge.

If you choose to go with our services, the fees are structured as follows:

Individual Business
10,000 yen per month (+ consumption tax and tax return fee)~
30,000 yen per month (+ consumption tax and tax return fee)~

Tentative Fees
*Consultation Required

3. How to Contact Us

First, email us with your inquiry.

    • (Starting a private business, establishing a corporation, inheritance, financing, subsidies/grants, inheritance, labor/social insurance procedures)
    • Affirmation that you are not associated with any criminal or otherwise illicit activities.

The typical turnaround time for email inquiries is three business days.